in mid december 2005 i was approached, by an advertising agency who where looking for someone to manipulate a mobile phone round their fingers for an upcoming nokia advertising campaign. they had discovered my knowledge of pen spinning and micro manipulation after finding details of the workshop i had ran at the BJC2004. they asked for a short clip of me pen spinning, to prove i had the skills.

after this they sent me a nokia 8800 mobile phone, and a cheque to cover my and asked me to send another short clip of phone spinning as a proof of concept they could approach nokia with by the end of jan 2006. problem was i was going to be in taiwan and thailand at the end of jan, i told them this and they where happy to wait until mid feb for the 2nd clip, and also said if the clip was ok, they would bring me down to london for some studio filming, and then actually film the advert either in the usa or elsewhere in europe

i was in a good mood on holiday and even emailed them a very short phone spinning clip taken on a sun lounger, in a hotel in pataya, in thailand.

on returning to the uk i created another short phone manipulation for the agency

in the end the director of the edverts wanted to film the adverts in the usa and they used a pen spinner out there rather than flying me over to the states. they asked for the phone back but never told me where to send it to, so i still have my shiney stainless steel phone.

many thanks to martin.blow for his help with embeding google videos onto this page